Chemical/ Hazardous Waste Management Services

Nest Waste Services LLC is committed to recycling and reclaiming waste using a variety of methods. We identify opportunities for waste reduction and provide options that previously may have been unavailable to you.

List of Hazardous Waste which has solutions for Recycling.

  1. Hazardous Sand Blast/ Garnet Waste
  2. Hazardous Crude Oil Sludge.
  3. Insulation Waste
  4. Tube Lights/ Bulbs/ Fluorescent Lamps
  5. E Waste
  6. Used Batteries
  7. Sludge from Waste Water Physio-Chemical Treatment Plants

All the Hazardous Recycling facilities are approved by The Centre of Waste Management, Abu Dhabi(Tadweer).

Some of the hazardous waste are transported to the Centre of Waste Management, Abu Dhabi (Tadweer )approved Facility. We maintain all required state, provincial and federal permits and ensure our clients are EH&S compliant. Nest Waste Services LLC truly provides turnkey Hazardous Waste management and is the best choice among environmental waste removal companies.

List of Hazardous/ Chemical Waste accepted by The Center of Waste Management, Abu Dhabi- TADWEER Facility.

  • Carbon Waste / Incinerator ashes
  • Used Batteries
  • Sludge from Waste Water Physio-Chemical Treatment Plants
  • Inert Waste
  • Slag & Foundry Wastes (Spent pot lining, Slat slag, Aluminum dross, etc)
  • Used Oil Filters
  • Used Air Filters only (no Gas Filters)
  • Contaminated Packaging, Rags etc.
  • Empty/ paint containers with traces of dry paint.
  • Contaminated Cans and Drums from different industries.
  • Oil Contaminated Soil
  • Fire Foam
  • Insulation Foam
  • Insecticide and Pesticide Empty Containers
  • Alkali Solids
  • Acidic Solids
  • Organo-Chloride other than pesticide
  • Spent Catalyst

Garbage Waste Collection.

Nest Waste Services LLC are committed to help the Public , Government Sectors, Private Sector Companies Schools and Institutions for following the 3R policy for the Segregation and Disposal of General and other recyclable Wastes.

Waste and garbage Treatment Consultancy-Waste to Energy Plants.

A waste-to-energy plant is a waste management facility that combusts wastes to produce electricity. This type of power plant is sometimes called a trash-to-energy, municipal waste incineration, energy recovery, or resource recovery plant.

Waste-to-energy generation is being increasingly looked at as a potential energy diversification strategy, especially by Sweden, which has been a leader in waste-to-energy production over the past 20 years. The typical range of net electrical energy that can be produced is about 500 to 600 kWh of electricity per ton of waste incinerated.[1] Thus, the incineration of about 2,200 tons per day of waste will produce about 1200 MWh of electrical energy.

Onshore and Offshore Oil and Gas Fields and Facilities Services

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